Hormonal acne treatments and remedies

There are many different kinds of hormonal acne treatment these days: skin exfoliation, topical bactericides, topical and oral antibiotics, retinoids, different types of acne therapy etc.

Skin exfoliation

Skin exfoliation is some kind of cosmetic adult hormonal acne treatment method intended for removing dead skin cells from the face and body. This can be done either mechanically or chemically. Mechanical skin exfoliation is based on manual clean up using liquid scrub or abrasive cloth. It is less common these days because of mechanically rubbing and irritating the skin during the cleaning process. Common chemical exfoliating agents include salicylic acid and glycolic acid, which encourage the clean up of the top layer of skin to prevent a build-up of dead cells which combine with oil to block pores. It may also unblock already closed pores to prevent future hormonal acne appearance.

Topical bactericides

Maybe one of the most popular hormonal acne treatment method. The effect of topical bactericides is based on Benzoyl peroxide. The cream or gel is rubbed into the affected region of skin. It prevents new acne appearance by killing the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria that causes an inflaming of the skin. Topical bactericides became so widespread because the effect is common to the antibiotics but unlike the last ones they do not cause resistance. However, topical bactericides often cause skin dryness, local skin irritation and redness.


There are oral and topical antibiotics used to treat hormonal acne. Both types are aimed to kill the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria that are harbored in the blocked follicles. The effect of both types of antibiotics is basically equal. Topical ones avoid possible side effects like stomach upset or drug interactions, so they are bit more safe. But it is necessary to understand that killing the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria will not do anything to reduce the oil secretion and abnormal cell behavior that is the initial cause of the blocked follicles. That's why after antibiotics cure in a couple of days hormonal acne beginning to bother the adults again.


A kind of adult hormonal acne remedy related chemically to vitamin A. There are both external and oral retinoids. External retinoids are used to normalize the follicle cell lifecycle. They have milder side effects but, however, can cause skin irritation and initial flare up of adult hormonal acne within a couple of weeks. Oral retinoids are aimed to reduce the secretion of oils from the glands. They must be used very carefully because of their strong effect and many severe side-effects.

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I advice to use herbal acne treatment to cure and prevent adult hormonal acne. More ...

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