Acne medicine

Acne medicine is a complex of actions aimed to treat adult hormonal acne. To make these actions effective it is necessary to determine the acne cause of each taken separately adult. Based on the causes, appropriate acne medicine should be selected. The cure must be directed to eliminate the reason of acne, clear up the face and body from zits and pimples and prevent future acne appearance.

What complex of actions does acne medicine include?

Conditionally, acne medicine process can be shared on few different stages: face and body cleansing from zits and pimples, eliminating the acne causes, preventing future acne appearance. Depending of teenage acne cause, the acne medicine may include the following types of treatment: acne drugs, acne face packs, topical skin clean up, acne therapy, acne scar removal and so on.

Cleansing face and body skin from acne

Cleansing the skin from acne can be made either mechanically or using different acne cleaning creams and gels. Mechanical pimples cleansing is rather painful sort of acne medicine. First, the face is steamed out to make the skin softer. Then, zits are popped up using the special cosmetic tool. After that the skin area is cleansing from the rest of the pus and bactericidal acne pack is applying. This procedure should be done very carefully, so it's better to go to the dermatologist.

Cleansing the skin from acne using cleaning cream and gel is much less painful acne medicine. Depending on the type of the cream it is applied at the pimples and zits several times per days (mostly in the morning and in the evening). Medicine reactant is killing the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria and dries the skin reducing the oil secretion. The cream or gel should be applied locally at the skin area where acne is located. There is no need to apply this type of acne medicine at unaffected skin area.

Eliminating the acne causes

There is a pile of acne medicines that are used to eliminate the acne cause. The most common reason of teenage acne is oil secretions build up beneath the blocked skin pore, providing a perfect environment for the skin bacteria Propionibacterium acnes. The bacteria multiplies uncontrolled causing the skin inflammation. Hence, some of acne drugs are killing the bacteria, some are reducing the oil secretion, others are opening the blocked pores of the skin or curing the inflammation. In spite of oral acne medicine there is also topical acne treatments that are used for these purposes. What type of acne medicine to use depends on each separate case of acne disease.

Preventing future acne appearance

To prevent future acne appearance different types of acne therapy is used. Face masks made from various types of chemical and herbal reactants used to normalize the oil secretion and open the blocked pores. They should be applied every day during the cure period, so the medicine can have an effect. Also, there are acne medicines aimed to normalize the metabolism and hormone production. Laser and light therapy became very popular these days as well. It both cures the existing acne and prevents acne emergence in future. Acne preventing stage of acne medicine is rather important in whole treatment process. It prevents future acne appearance and has to be done periodically.

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